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Trigger Finger Tips And Tricks For Gun Owners

Most shooting experts would agree that trigger finger placement is possibly one of the most important elements of overall handgun firing accuracy. The standard accepted practice in this regard is to position the finger on the trigger in such a way that the pad of the finger is halfway between the fingertip and the first joint. It is important to note that this is not a steadfast rule and can vary based on an individual’s personal style and technique.

There Is Less Likely The Chance Of Exerting A Sideways Motion

It is also important to ensure, when grasping a handgun, that there is adequate space between the base of the trigger finger and the gun itself. This is a key consideration because having this gap while firing a handgun will assure better accuracy. This is indeed the case because while pulling the trigger straight and in a backward motion there is less likely the chance of exerting a sideways motion on the handgun. Having a well-controlled trigger pulling motion is essential to accuracy.

A Straight Pull Back Of The Trigger

Trigger squeeze is equally important because improper squeezing can cause flinching, jerking or other movements that can spell disaster when it comes to accuracy. To assure proper squeeze motion it is important to properly position the hand as high as possible on the handgun grip. Equally important is to have a small gap established between the side of the handgun and the trigger finger. This is another way to further guarantee that there will be a straight pull back of the trigger. When proper squeeze is combined with proper placement of the trigger finger accuracy can be improved substantially.

Concentrating More On Trigger Pull

Finally, when squeezing the trigger it is important to apply steadily increasing pressure. Keep a steady and constant pressure as the trigger continues to move until the breakpoint to the point where the gun discharges. A good “squeeze” technique will result in a reduced jerking of the gun and less flinching when firing actually occurs. As is usually the case, practice and time will typically improve trigger finger techniques and overall accuracy. Shooting slower and concentrating more on trigger pull will improve overall technique and create greater levels of accuracy for both beginners and experts. Contact Bear Arms Firearms today for Phoenix handgun sales and service.

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