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Tips For Staying Safe While At Home Or While On Vacation

Two of the most common places where theft or attacks occur are at home and while on vacation. With that said, there are some simple and easy ways to stay safe in both of these environments that may be worth considering. For example, working with neighbors to develop a neighborhood watch program is an excellent way to reduce the chances of crime in your immediate local area.

Hide Inside Of A Garage

In addition, keeping home doors locked and secure throughout the day and into the evening is a good way to increase security. One excellent example of a way to improve security around the home is to always keep the garage door closed. Many homeowners tend to leave the garage door open offering criminals the opportunity to hide inside of a garage until later in the evening. Once the garage door has been closed and homeowners have gone to sleep, a criminal can simply walk into the home.

A Wireless System Is An Excellent Type Of Security System

An obvious way to protect the home is to install a high-quality security system. Many of today’s wireless security systems feature video surveillance and systems that cannot be hacked. A wireless system is an excellent type of security system because wires cannot be cut and the system cannot be disarmed. Another highly effective way of providing outstanding security at home is to consider installing a monitored system. This simply means that a monitoring service will watch all activity inside and outside of your home at all times. As an added note, having a guard dog in the yard is another excellent security option.

Call The Front Desk To Confirm

While on vacation there are a few things that travelers can do to improve personal safety. For example, choosing to use valet parking when it is available is far better than parking in a dark parking lot and walking to the building. Always keeping a hotel room locked and secured and never opening the door for an unknown person will also improve safety. If there is ever a concern, simply call the front desk to confirm that someone is indeed expected at your room. Those traveling alone should exercise extreme caution and never make it public knowledge. Contact Bear Arms Firearms today for Phoenix firearm sales and self-defense training.

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