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Best online suppliers with ED medications in Arizona

You can find a lot of great and reliable pharmacies here, in Arizona, but only a few of them offer ED medications for sale. Based on user reviews, we selected these four drugstores that have everything you need for your health.

  1. MG Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.6
    Online prices on ED drugs start from $39
    What customers say about MG Pharmacy:
    – Oh heavens,  no !! The lines. Wow, it is 10x worst than the DMV. Also, this has nothing to do with MG Pharmacy but when shopping there I don’t hear a single word of English spoken. Sometimes I feel like I’m in another country.
    – Thank you for being open on Christmas Day to be able to pick up needed medications. The meds were an excellent price and the staff was friendly even with a rush of people.
  2. Melrose Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.2
    Online prices on ED drugs start from $45
    What customers say about Melrose Pharmacy:
    – Sarah is absolutely one of the best pharmacists!!! She has always been prompted, accurate, and very, very accommodating. Was hesitant at first to switch from Ridley’s on Creek Road as Mike he pharmacist there provides in-depth, concise patient education and several times over the years has caught medication problems for my family. But, for convenience sake have switched to Ridley’s pharmacist closest to me. I read the other review and find the reference to “skin color” annoying as I am Native American and so my skin is as dark as the other review posted. Never once have I felt that my treatment or customer service was based on how brown my skin is or is not. Perhaps the other person giving the review to Ridley’s was just an overbearing, self-entitled, demanding jerk. After all, “jerks” come in all colors, races, and creeds. For my family and me, I give Ridley’s pharmacies and their personnel five stars.
    Melrose Pharmacy provides regular prescription services and also will compound medications. I’ve used that service for my mom’s medication. They provided chewable meds that provided the dosage without needing to force pills. This will work for children and others who don’t swallow pills.
  3. ViaQX
    Rating: 4.3
    Online prices on ED drugs start from $36
    What customers say about ViaQX:
    – Won’t follow through on anything promised, have to have the doctor call them to make them deliver on what they said they would, uncaring and unprofessional staff that’s rude. Will be taking my wife’s and myself business elsewhere where. Even some of the doctors are frustrated with them and recommend going somewhere else. Always listen to your Dr. Instead of me reaching out why don’t they take the time to reach out to me to fix the problem.
    – I always had a good experience at with quick service from kind employees and amazing prices.
  4. Pharmblue Arizona LLC
    Rating: 5.0
    Online prices on ED drugs start from $29
    What customers say about Pharmblue Arizona LLC:
    – My favorite Pharmblue Arizona LLC. 24 hr pharmacy is so convenient. Excellent selection of everything a drug store should carry, including office supplies, beauty products, photo Dept, flavorful beverages, good wine selection (for a drug store), and even some fresh meats and cheeses. Super nice staff and always clean.
    – Slow service, almost always a glitch, and they do not communicate well. I do the pickup vs the mail order, so I can’t comment on that.