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Self Defense Tips For Those Who are in Danger

Self-defense techniques are an important way to stay safe when danger is encountered. Knowing how to defend oneself from an attacker is well worth learning. Perhaps one of the most basic elements of good self-defense is to simply remain calm. All too often, those who encounter trouble or a potential attack may panic only making the situation worse. When an individual goes into panic mode they are no longer able to think rationally and may tend to make poor decisions.

Move In The Opposite Direction

Avoid emotional responses to an attack and stay focused on defending yourself in a smart and logical way. One simple technique for staying safe when an attack is imminent is to simply throw a wallet or purse as far away as possible. Because most criminals and thieves are simply looking for monetary reward, this technique will send an attacker in the opposite direction. This is also the perfect time for you to move in the opposite direction and get away in order to stay safe.

Going For The Neck

Another great tip with regard to self-defense is to make use of any tool or item at your disposal as a defensive weapon. For example, something as simple as a ballpoint pen, a set of keys or other type of sharp object can be used in a defensive way. Targeting vulnerable parts of an attacker’s body can be highly effective in sending an attacker on their way. Going for the neck, groin area, eyes, nose or other sensitive areas with a sharp object is typically recommended by most self defense experts.

Parts Of The Body That Can Be Used Offensively

Finally, drawing attention by making loud noise in some way will distract and confuse an attacker. As an added bonus, making loud noise will also attract bystanders that may offer assistance or help. Letting others know that you are in distress and need help is an excellent way to stay safe when an attack is imminent or in progress. As an added note, there are parts of the body that can be used offensively and that can produce considerable pain in the attacker. The knees, elbows and head all contain hard bone that can deliver a substantial blow. Inflicting pain on the attacker often will send an attacker running. Contact Bear Arms Firearms today for self-defense training in Phoenix Arizona.

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