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Improving Awareness For Better Self Defense

Staying safe in today’s uncertain world sometimes can be as simple as being more aware of your immediate surroundings. That said there are some tips and suggestions for creating greater levels of awareness as a way to improve overall levels of self-defense. For example, when in public it is best to avoid using earphones for mobile devices and for listening to music. Being alert and aware simply means being able to hear what is going on around you.

Assessing The Area Prior To Pulling Into The Parking Lot

In addition, when pulling into a gas station or convenience store it is always a good idea to assess the situation prior to pulling into the parking lot. These commercial outlets are notorious for being held up and robbed. By assessing the area prior to pulling into the parking lot, it is often easy to avoid becoming involved in any existing conflict or hold up. Staying proactive in this regard and looking ahead to where you are going can improve overall safety.

Remain Inside The Vehicle With The Doors Locked

Another excellent tip for improving awareness as a way to create greater levels of self-defense is to be extremely cautious when breaking-down in an automobile. For example, in some instances it may be better to remain inside the vehicle with the doors locked and make an emergency phone call as opposed to stepping out of the car and trying to repair the vehicle on the side of the road. This is especially true with regard to breakdowns that occur in parts of town that are not the most desirable.

Walk With Confidence And Never Flash Expensive Jewelry

Situational awareness is a skill that can be improved upon at every turn. In fact, becoming more aware and more alert in general is always an excellent way to prevent an attack or unexpected conflict or confrontation. When walking in any city it is always a good idea to walk with confidence and never flash expensive jewelry. It is also a good idea to avoid discussing one’s plans in public. Sitting in a café talking about being from out of town on vacation is often not the best option. Would-be thieves and criminals are always looking for new targets or opportunity. Contact Bear Arms Firearms today for Phoenix self defense training and gun sales.

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