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Handgun Firing Tips And Tricks

Firing a handgun can be an exhilarating experience for newcomers. However, whether a handgun owner is new or experienced one thing is sure and that is that considering these few essential tips is well worth the effort and time. For example, those that choose to fire a handgun at a firing range will find that clothing will often have the smell of gunpowder. As such, it is recommended to change into clean clothing when returning home from the firing range.

Smell Substantially Different

An interesting bit of trivia is that the smell associated with having been at a gun range can vary considerably because of the fact that gunpowder for different types of firearms can smell substantially different. In short, not all types of gunpowder smell exactly the same. In fact, the smell can vary widely based on the type of gunpowder and even the manufacturer that made the gunpowder. Those wishing to avoid this distinctive smell should simply plan to change clothing after having visited the firing range.

A Generally Accepted Standard

Another excellent tip when it comes to firing a handgun is choosing the right distance to practice with regard to self-defense shooting. Many range instructors recommend a distance of 5 to 8 feet when practicing self-defense shooting. While this distance may vary depending upon the type of training being conducted, in most cases 5 to 8 feet is a generally accepted standard. As an added note, most instructors will advise those practicing self-defense shooting to point shoot as opposed to aiming. Point shooting has become an established way of shooting a gun without the use of the gun sites.

Point Shooting Can Vary Widely

Most experts would agree that point shooting is a more natural and more instinctive way of firing a handgun. It is this simple point and shoot method that has become the standard in many ways when it comes to firing a handgun for self-defense purposes. Many instructors recommend using the index finger as a way to point at the target. Best of all, point shooting requires very little training and can be learned in a short period of time. Point shooting can vary widely in terms of technique and style and can be custom tailored to one’s own particular personal tastes. Contact Bear Arms Firearms today to learn more about an experienced Phoenix gun shop.

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