Happy Easter! We will be closed Easter Sunday 04.04.2021! Click here to view our April 2021 CCW Course Schedule! ***FFL Transfers, firearms cleanings, scope mounting services, etc. have been suspended temporarily! We will not be accepting any more transfers or offering any of the services listed above at this time, effective 10.03.2020! The store will be closing at 6:00pm Monday-Friday until further notice. Thank you!

Private Instruction

At Bear Arms, we offer a wide range of private instruction to suit your needs. You have the option of customizing your very own course, based on your specific abilities. We offer private instruction in:

  • Self-defense tactics
  • Alternative weapons options
  • Karambit and knife training
  • Basic pistol using our Laser Shot simulator
  • Perfecting your marksmanship and drawing from the holster
  • Live-fire training from beginning to advanced (different locale)

…..and more! Rates start as low as $50 per person for a minimum group size of three people. You also have the option of doing one-on-one training, if needed. Contact us at (480) 998-2727 to inquire about your very own private class.