***FFL Transfers, firearms cleanings, scope mounting services, etc. have been suspended indefinitely! We will not be accepting any more transfers or offering any of the services listed above at this time, effective 10.03.2020. If your transfer happens to sneak through, the fee is $50 per firearm. Thank you.

Class III

Bear Arms is a Class III dealer of NFA items and destructive devices. YES! In the great state of Arizona, you too can own machine guns, suppressors, short barreled rifle and shotguns — even destructive devices, such as grenade launchers and cannons. We do all the paperwork for you for free, so stop in and let us explain the process to you.

We also love to take special orders, so if we do not have it, we can get it for you. No extra charge. Plus we’re always looking to expand our inventory. If you’re wanting to sell your Class III item, bring it by and sell it for cash or trade it for something else.

Class III manufacturers we carry: Advanced Armament, Gemtech, Yankee Hill, Surefire, Huntertown, Silencer Co., LWRC, LMT, Vector, and more. We also have an ever changing machine gun inventory.