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Uncommon Yet Important Firearm Safety Tips Worth Remembering


While there are many standard important safety tips with regard to firearm usage such as wearing eye protection, there are others that are less common yet equally as important. For example, it is essential never to attempt to unload or load a gun inside a vehicle or building. This is the surest way to cause an accident or cause injury. Equally important is to always keep a firearm unloaded up until the moment that it is ready to be used.

Check The Barrel For Obstructions

Another uncommon safety tip that sometimes goes overlooked is to simply check the barrel for obstructions. If there is any type of blockage or obstruction, then a firearm should be inspected by a technician or completely disassembled and cleaned. This is an essential safety tip because an obstructed barrel can easily cause a firearm to explode. Another key concern with regard to firearm safety is to positively identify a target and make certain that there is a safe backstop located behind the target prior to discharging a firearm.


Preventing Injury

Those wishing to maintain the highest levels of safety with regard to handling a firearm should avoid setting a loaded gun down or leaving it unattended. Any time a firearm is to be set down it should be unloaded first. Another smart strategy for preventing injury and loss of life related accidents with regard to firearms is to never fire at a hard object. Flat surfaces, water, rocks, steel plates and even glass can result in a bullet deflecting and causing injury. This is a serious safety concern that should never be overlooked.


Hold A Gun So That It Can Be Controlled

Finally, those wishing to enjoy the highest levels of firearms safety should never mix drugs and alcohol with any type of shooting activity. From clay target shooting to recreational shooting and hunting, being in an impaired state is one of the quickest ways to cause an accident or injury. As an added note it is important to never allow someone to point a fire at you or another person. Those handling a firearm should always hold a gun so that it can be controlled and that the direction of muzzle points in a safe direction if someone were to fall or stumble. Contact Bear Arms Firearms today to learn more about Phoenix gun safety and Phoenix gun sales.

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