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Reloading Safety Procedures Worth Considering


Those involved in competition shooting and shooting skill enhancement activities should consider a few proven safety precautions that can greatly reduce the chances of accident or injury when it comes to reloading procedures. Reviewing safety procedures frequently and using common sense can go a long way in reducing the chances of an accident. For example, it is important never to experiment with interchanging various firearm components. Always use factory matched components and manufacturer recommended procedures.

Wear Eye Protection

It is equally important to never mix different powders and never use powders that are unidentified. Because the reloading of a firearm requires the handling of hazardous materials, it is important to thoroughly wash one’s hands before and after participating in any type of reloading activity. It is equally essential to wear eye protection during the reloading process. This is a smart way to protect the eyes from toxic or hazardous materials. As an added note it is important to never rush during the reloading process. Avoiding distractions and staying focused is the key.


Stored Out Of Reach Of Children

Another important concern with regard to the handling of powder is to always store this type of material in a cool, dark and dry location. Most importantly, this type of material and all other firearm associated materials and hardware should be stored out of reach of children at all times. Because powder is highly flammable it is important to ensure that it is stored away from heat or open fire. While these tips may seem obvious, they are often overlooked resulting in accidents and injuries. Also important is to avoid drinking alcohol or being impaired in any way when reloading.


Competition Shooting Or Recreational Shooting

Along the same lines it is essential to never smoke while reloading. In addition to these reloading safety procedures it is smart to avoid shooting without approved hearing protection and safety glasses. Lack of hearing protection can result in hearing loss while lack of eye protection can result in eye related injuries or even loss of vision. Play it safe and follow all safety procedures with regard to reloading and shooting. In short, safety is the responsibility of everyone involved when reloading and shooting. Whether it is competition shooting or recreational shooting, safety should be the first and most important priority. Contact Bear Arms Firearms today to learn more about Scottsdale firearm and gun safety.

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