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Handgun Safety Tips That Every Gun Owner Should Consider


With more handgun owners in the United States and across the country increasingly concerned than ever with safety it is important to consider some key safety tips. For example, one of the more crucial aspects of overall firearm safety is to genuinely know and understand a handgun that is owned and routinely operated. This includes learning the unique mechanical characteristics and handling characteristics of the specific firearm being used.

Accidents Or Malfunctions

Equally important is to avoid altering or modifying a handgun in any way. Any modifications or alterations should only be done in an approved way as indicated by the manufacturer. This combined with having a handgun serviced on a regular and routine basis can greatly reduce the chances of accidents or malfunctions. Handgun safety is essential to ensuring that gun owners get the most use out of this particular type of firearm.


Firing A Handgun

Another important aspect of overall handgun safety is to always be certain that the barrel is completely clear of any obstructions prior to shooting. As most gun owners know, an obstruction in the barrel can easily cause an explosion and serious injury, or even loss of life. Play it safe and get in the habit of routinely checking the barrel for the possibility of obstructions prior to firing a handgun. It is also essential to always wear ear protection and eye protection when shooting a handgun. This can help to prevent the possibility of injury or damage to the ears and eyes. Hearing loss is a major problem in the United States and firing a handgun without hearing protection can only cause to damage one’s hearing.


Pointing The Muzzle In A Safe Direction

Finally, using the right type of ammunition and being cautious when a handgun fails to fire can only serve to add to overall levels of safety. In addition, when shooting at targets it is important to know in advance what is located beyond or behind a target. It is a well-known fact that handgun owners should never rely upon the “safety” and always treat a gun as having the potential to fire at any time. Pointing the muzzle in a safe direction at all times and keeping a handgun unloaded until actually being used can also enhance safety. Contact Bear Arms Firearms today for the best in Phoenix handguns and firearms.

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