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Gun Cleaning Tips And Tricks


Cleaning a firearm is an essential part of being a conscientious and responsible gun owner. That said there are some simple, straightforward and easy to implement gun cleaning tips and tricks that should be considered. For example, one of the basic elements of safe gun cleaning is to always check the chamber to ensure that a gun is unloaded before beginning any cleaning process. Removing clips and magazines is also an important safety step.

Inspect All Components

Another key aspect of maintaining the highest level of safety when cleaning a gun is to never disassemble a gun beyond what the manufacturer recommends. Check the owner’s manual to always be sure in this regard. Once a firearm has been disassembled it is advisable to inspect all components for cracks or any signs of excessive wear. If repairs are indeed required it is recommended to seek out the services of a qualified gunsmith as opposed to trying to do the work on your own.


Accuracy Of A Firearm

Also recommended with regard to cleaning a gun is to clean from the breach when it is possible. When cleaning from the muzzle end is necessary it is recommended to use a muzzle guard. This will protect the part of the gun where the bullet actually exits. This is an essential consideration when it comes to maintaining the accuracy of a firearm. Equally important is to choose the right type of patch holder. This combined with selecting the correct sized patch can go a long way in ensuring that cleaning is done properly.


Metal Surfaces Have Been Sufficiently Wiped Down

Finally, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to proper lubrication and the type of solvents that will be used to actually clean the firearm. When reassembling a gun after it has been cleaned it is a good idea to make sure that all metal surfaces have been sufficiently wiped down. The acid content of human perspiration can ultimately cause long-term problems for gun owners. As an added note, when preparing to fire a gun that has recently been cleaned it is essential to ensure that the boar is free of obstructions. Consider these simple and effective cleaning tips when preparing to clean a firearm. Contact Bear Arms Firearms today to learn more about a Phoenix gun store with years of experience in the industry.

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